Pairwise Integration Testing

You would then execute this test case on a machine that is running Chrome on Windows 10. You would repeat this process for all of the other pairwise test cases. You want to test the website on various browsers and operating systems to ensure it is compatible with all major platforms. The test would evaluate a circle with a radius of 1 and a circumference of 3.14, a circle with a radius of 2 and a circumference of 6.28, and a circle with a radius of 3 and a circumference of 9.42. By testing all possible combinations, the relationship between the size of a circle and its circumference can be determined. Quality and optimal performance should be the goal of any development team.
pairwise integration testing
When given a set of input parameters, the algorithm derives a minimum number of scenarios with all discrete value pairs to be tested at least once. When testing a complex application, there can be an enormous number of possible tests that could potentially be executed. Software testing usually consists of test cases based upon requirements or user stories. To achieve a desired level of coverage, a certain number of tests will be executed, and they usually contain a lot of redundancy. This approach is inefficient, wastes time and extends deployment timelines.


Pairwise testing is a black box testing techniques that aims to achieve a nice test coverage of an application with a good benefit-cost ratio. This article provides a list of some of the best tools that are available to automate the pairwise testing approach. One of the main benefits of pairwise testing is that it can help identify defects that may not be discovered through other testing methods.
pairwise integration testing
This can help reduce test case creation time and cost and improve the software’s overall quality. Pairwise testing is not appropriate for all types of software testing. As we discussed, it is most effective for systems with multiple parameters and multiple possible values for each parameter.

Test automation made easy

The tester must inform the tool about how the application functions for these value sets to be effective. We can take a real-time example of game testing where combinatorial testing is applied. Pairwise Testing is a type of software testing in which permutation and combination method is used to test the software. Pairwise testing is used to test all the possible discrete combinations of the parameters involved.
pairwise integration testing
Let’s place the values for next variable ‘Book Bar Code’ as reserve or non-reserve. Again we can identify pairs as (Toronto, reserve) and (non-Toronto, non-reserve). In order to increase the test coverage, we can ‘Book Bar Code’ values for 5th and 6th rows as demonstrated below. Now, the task is to make combinations for all pair technique, into which each column should have an equal number of values, and the total value should be equal to 24. EY is a global leader in assurance, consulting, strategy and transactions, and tax services.

This can help ensure that the software functions as expected and that users are not experiencing unexpected issues or errors. Pairwise tools save time in both the planning and definition of pairwise integration testing execution phases by enabling systematic testing coverage. During the test design stage, teams are able to select and document tests much faster as guesswork is eliminated.

We can start by adding Location which is the variable with a higher value repeating it twice, followed by the next high-value Book Category. You can see how this X, L, 5 is getting repeated, so we are eliminating these Test Cases to bring in unique combinations.
pairwise integration testing
Due to resource and time constraints, test case creation and execution are usually truncated, and the adequacy of test scope coverage is questionable. This adds risk to the project and unanticipated expenses when defects are found in production. Pairwise Testing is a software testing technique that uses a reshuffle and combination method to provide tests. It is used to test all possible discrete combinations of each pair of inputs. All-pairs testing greatly reduces testing time, which in turn controls testing costs.

  • Thus, instead, a subset of combinations is created that satisfies all factors.
  • In order to build an orthogonal matrix it is necessary to make sure that any two columns contain all possible combinations only once.
  • An example of this need for integration testing is in the domain of medical devices.
  • There are various testing techniques available for software testing, including unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing.
  • It involves creating a table with all possible combinations of inputs and corresponding actions or outcomes.
  • Book Category has 2 values, that’s how many times we have to insert the values.

Once you have the generated test cases, you can also automate them via some black box testing tool like Testsigma. With Testsigma, a no-code test automation tool, you can automate your front-end tests for web, mobile, and desktop from the same place 5x faster. The test case creation and maintenance is as easy as writing sentences in simple English. Testsigma is also available as an opensource and free-forever version. One more example is where Pairwise testing can also test relationships between two variables.

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