Banking Automation: The Future of financial services

5 Key Benefits of Cash Management Solutions & Branch Automation

bank branch automation

By working hand-in-hand with your IT team, your squadron of citizen developers can quickly boost your ability to meet the pressing demand for top-notch digital experiences, while safeguarding your system against security risks. Discover live and on-demand webcasts that explore financial services topics in depth. Enhance the banker experience with rich, user-friendly screens tailored to different personas and comprehensive role- and user-based controls.

To add to the headache of searching for documents, manual processes result in inconsistencies in classifying and tagging documents, making search and retrieval even more time-consuming and inefficient. The reality is that manual tagging is time-consuming, laborious for the end-user, and prone to errors. With the rise of Blockchain technology, banking firms are implementing risk management methods that make it harder for hackers to steal sensitive data like customers’ bank account numbers.

Glory intros TellerConcierge service for branch automation

In the modern banking era, consumers generally have the option to digitally handle much of their financial lives, such as via standard transactions like moving, withdrawing and spending money. The exception is any time one goes to volume or complex transactions, Engel noted. They might also need to conduct know-your-customer and anti-money laundering checks against third-party databases. Glory has introduced a branch banking solution called TellerConcierge designed to automate banking transactions. The company built the solution to handle a variety of transactions beyond simple ATM activities, according to a press release.